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From 10am – 12pm, these clinics focus on reading out your writing for helpful feedback and critique. They are completely free and we recommend coming to a few to see if they are helpful to you before becoming a member and supporting the club. If you’re uncomfortable reading your own work, someone can read it on your behalf.
Occasionally, there will be writing exercises, Ted-ED videos or games to break up the readings.

All venues that are chosen for manuscript clinics and workshops are quiet and have disabled access.


From 1pm – 3:30pm, the committee tries to provide a variety of afternoon workshops to suit the majority of writers. Come to the ones that interest you. Prices vary depending on the cost of presenters and where they are travelling from (eg: local, Canberra, Sydney, etc).
The cost of similar workshops by the same presenters in capital cities cost hundreds. The Writers of the Far South Coast relies heavily on the goodwill of the presenters, the Mumbulla Foundation and a small ticket price to make city-quality workshops available in regional NSW.


Occasionally, the WFSC will run a workshop that runs over an entire day or weekend. Obviously, these workshops are more expensive and usually require payment in advance, however, the benefits greatly outweigh the costs. These extra-long workshops are time very well spent, so book in early as places are also limited.


The Writers of the Far South Coast have a market stall, usually each month, at the Pambula Rotary Markets. If you’d like to talk to someone in person about your writing and how the club can help you, come down and find us.


Getting together socially is an enormous boost to writers. The blackboard poetry at “About the Book” was famously entertaining. The WFSC has attempted holding social lunches and also blackboard poetry readings. Others may have more success, and the WFSC will support in any capacity it can.


July and August are great months to spend hours by a log fire writing the first draft of that next novel. Therefore winter becomes our time to retreat to Kianinny Bush Cabins, often emerging only to scoff down biscuits and cakes brought by the attendees. The cabins are shared (separate rooms) to facilitate the social aspect of the weekend. Writers thrive off the atmosphere in the common room or wander the bushwalks for inspiration.
On Friday night, mentors sell their best qualities and the attendees choose who might improve their writing the most. There are two 1.5 hour sessions on Saturday and Sunday morning and the rest of the weekend is devoted to your writing.


The Writers of the Far South Coast recommends our local readers and writers festival. For more information


The WFSC recommends participation in mNemosyne’s fortnightly competitions. For more information


The Writers of the Far South Coast supports the live n’ local event that is held annually at the Bega Valley Commemorative Civic Centre. In 2018 it will be held on the 4th, 5th and 6th May. For more information


November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and the Writers of the Far South Coast are keen to motivate participants to that 50,000 word finish line. It can be done. For more information


At the end of each year, writers gather to celebrate their achievements and to give away a book they’ve read recently, with their own short 2-3 paragraph review, to another writer. Books are distributed after the main meal and before dessert.